Nothing But Purple: Aloha Friday #1   

Friday, October 3, 2008

Aloha Friday #1

An Island Life does this once a friday thing where you ask a question and your readers answer it in the comments. Well I figured I could join in if I am unable to get to my Fx4 post. And so here is my question:

What have you done today?

I've made cookies this morning, taken Connor to school, and have been here at work since noon.
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  1. Today I have gotten my husband and kindergarten kid off to work and school. Nursed the little guy, put him down for a nap. Loaded the dish washer to run it, numerous diaper changes, made lunch, made weekend plans, answered numerous phone calls, tended to a teething toddler, picked my son up from school, went to visit my father at work with my kids, came home and waiting for hubby to get home from work.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Breakfast, got two of the boys to school, came home did dishes, laundry, picked one boy up from school. Lunch and naps, and in a hour I will load the two babies up and go get the oldest from school. Hoping after that to park my butt on the sofa and just chill with the monkey's. Oh and I guess they will want to eat dinner! LOL

  3. I taught school...which entails countless things! And now I am enjoying being home and waiting for the pizza delivery boy! We're having a family movie night!

  4. Well, cleaned, laundry, taken care of the kids. Did some work online. Some blogging. More cleaning. Now my brain is hurting thinking of what is for dinner lol

  5. Blogging, breakfast, laundry, and some Bible Reading and prayer.

  6. Jennifer (mom of four)October 3, 2008 at 3:14 PM

    I got up at 6 am packed 3 lunches and made sure my kids were up so they would not miss the bus. I then took my car to get fixed. Took my 5 year old to preschool at 12 then home to clean. PIcked up all four kids at 3:20 then home to get them ready for their Fri night events, soccer practice, going to the mall with friends and spending the night.

    It is now just me and the 5 year old waiting on Busy Dad to get home. Maybe I will get a lemon berry slush at sonic?

  7. Too much to list...but I went on a field trip to the pumpkin patch with the preschooler! It was hot and dusty.

  8. ive gotten the kids off to school. taken a nap, tried on some clothes, blogged and dropped e cards.


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