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Monday, October 20, 2008

Christy The Write Gal

She's always write when it comes to your writing or hers. :) LOL I just met here a few months ago; she is absolutely wonderful at rewriting something and making it better. I've been wondering Christy, are you a Language Arts teacher or just a writer?

So without further ado I give you Christy Benson from The Write Gal.

What got you interested in blogging?

This summer, a Web site designer suggested I do a blog to drive traffic to my main business site, The Write Advice. Before then I had never read a blog. Boy was I missing out!

How long have u been blogging?

Since June 2008.

What are some of your favorite posts?

Happy Birthday Holly

are some writing tips to avoid mistakes with any kind of writing you do.

Check out
these nice little tips especially if you want to keep your business going.

What about your favorite bloggers?

Of course I love Nothing but Purple! I also really like reading:

One Fabulous Mom, Keeks and Brie, Thirtysomething Reality, She Just Had To Say It

Whatʼs behind the name of your blog?

I wanted something to coordinate with my business writing Web site, but also I wanted the flexibility to be able to blog about other things. One of my favorite things besides writing is shopping, so "The Write Gal" was born!

What types of blogs do you like to read?

I like to read blogs about shopping, writing, and all Mommy blogs!

What is up next for your blog?

I plan to do more posts about writing and especially how to improve blog posts. I have had great success with my first giveaway so I am planning on starting another on in the Fall. Check my site in October for all the details!


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