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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Through the Eyes of a 24 year old Mom:

Harry Potter came out when I was still in high school. Yes back then the actor that plays Harry wasn't all that but as he grew older and my eyes grew older and taste of boys, I mean MEN, got better. I can truely see Daniel's potenial but he will always be HARRY!

Now my facts and such will more than likely come from the movies so if I miss something don't let it get to you because I never read the books even though I really should. I've been trying to read more books lately.

Alright got a little off track there.

Harry Potter, the boy who lived! Is really the boy who grew INTO a man and has so many girls hollering after him, I'm one of them. I've actually claimed him amoung a group of friends. If you take a ganter in the post past to Saturday Scrapbook 8.30 you'll see what I'm talking about.

Alright on to some real Harry Potter FACTS:

George and Fred-the Wesley Twins... uuummm can't say much about them.. I like their attitudes and they way they think but there's not much to look at.

Ron! BUDDY! COME ON! Grow some kahones and just ask the girl out, ok yes I know that was in GOF but still, WHY DO THE GIRLS always ask first. Oh, and seriously CHANGE the HAIRDO Man.

Ginny MOVE OVER he's not yours anymore go find someone else. I'm sure Seamus would love to have ya.

Hermione, love ya BABE! Awesome with keeping those boys in line and KNOWING your spells. I don't care what Draco calls you. You are a PURE BLOOD to me.

DUMBLEDORE!! TSK TSK! bad, that wasn't nice of you in OOTP. I was quite angry myself wondering why you were doing that, when Harry needed you.

Snapey, yes I'm calling you... TURN TO PAGE 394. Don't lie to me! Obviously. What a sneaky man.

Lucius love the blue eyes and blonde hair. I could run my hands through that hair all night and then fall asleep.

Sirius, WHY OH WHY! I MISS YA! If only you would've stayed the dog.

If there is anything you'd like to add just leave it in the comments. This is part of my birthday bash celebration so I had to finish it and get it posted, now off to work.



  1. HAHAHAHA Jess!!!
    Harry is yours, but Luciu's hair is strictly for you to look at, not touch!!! Thats my job!!! LOL
    Love ya. Obviously!~

  2. LOL!!! GOod job.. just stay away from the potions master

  3. Yes, the kid who plays Harry Potter has turned into a hottie! Unfortunately, he's gay :-( But, I'm married, so what does it matter anyway?

  4. petra, I think that could be debatable. :) LOL

    He isnt gay!!!

    But I bet some guys wish he were!


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