Nothing But Purple: Planning an Anniversary Wedding   

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Planning an Anniversary Wedding

Since we weren't able to do ours the traditional way, wedding dress, bridesmaid, best man, and reception; I've been thinking about doing something for a Five year anniversary which is in three years and well I have NO CLUE where to start!!

I know the colors I want lilac/lavendar with blue and green but that's it. We've never done much of anything romantic to incorporate with it. I know I don't want a wedding dress that's big. I want something simple but elegant.

Here's another, our finances haven't been in the best of shape so I'm looking for something that we can do for less than 1800$'s. If anyone could me out here, give suggestions, any idea's would be apperciated. Those that help me out would be invited to a virtual bridal shower. :) hehehehe LOL



  1. we did ours in the backyard, which saved us a bunch! i got my dress at david's bridal for $99. Brian wore khaki pants, a tie and a white dress shirt, same as the best man and groomsmen. my sister wore a dress she already had in her closet. my mom bought the girls's dresses. we had a 3ft sub from subway which was $200. we bought all of our decorations from walmart including the invites and thank you cards. all in all our wedding was less than 2500, but my mom paid for most of it.

  2. I'm coming over from momdot! I haven't ever been over here...I'll be back to help!!

  3. We made all the decorations and center pieces ourselves. For centerpieces, I bought large wine glasses at the dollar store, put marbles inside, and floated flower tops in them. I found a dress for $20, on sale after prom season. It was simple, but perfect. We held our reception at my parent's house, and made the food ourselves. I think for the whole event, we spent $500. I've got lots of other ideas, feel free to let me know if you need any!


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