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Monday, October 6, 2008


If google reader is not updating for your readers, here's a great article that helped me out. Even after talking with a few other bloggers one imparticular. Matt from Contest Live, he is the MOMDOT MAN!! So now that I have figured that out your reader should update soon with my NEWEST posts starting from September first and third.

Thanks again Matt for your help.

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  1. its working! its updated everything from the past 4 weeks!!!! LMFAO

  2. any time :) ill make sure to subscribe now hehe

  3. I subscribed to your feed a while ago and in my google reader it showed nothing, but now it showed 27 posts so it's working. :o)

  4. I'll do that this evening after work! Thanks for the tip! I've got several that aren't updating.


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