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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Think Before You INK!

Is wonderful advice especially coming from MOMS, such as the ones over at Cheaper than Therapy and The Mom Buzz. They have wonderful advice.
Here's a little story that goes along with this picture. LOL Quite funny if you ask me, but wasn't to my parents at the time.
Setting: After high school graduation, 200+ dollars in hand.
I write a note to mom and dad saying that I needed to talk them, in reality I SHOULD'VE put "need to ask you something". So Chris, now hubby, and I went out and did our thing, I can't remember what we did that day. Well we get back to the house and their are just looking at us like we just did something horrible.
Dad says "All right spit it out, how far along are you?"
"WHAT?!" "Dad I'm not pregnant. I wanted to ask you if you guys wouldn't mind me getting a tattoo."
The relief in the room was well lifted. LOL I couldn't believe that they really thought I was pregnant. HELLO I just got into Sullivan WHY would I waste all that time, effort, and money.
Anyway now it's a little joke. Needless to say they both said "sure go ahead do whatever you want to your body!!" and the next day Chris and I went to the tattoo parlor and I got that.
At first I wanted something tweety but then thought well maybe it's a bit too childish so I found that but it was green on the wall. So I asked the dude if I could have the color purple he said sure thing no problem. Took all of about 1.5hrs and 100$'s. :)
I'm ready for another to symbolize by boys, but not sure what to get. Chris is also ready for another and is also not sure what he wants to get.



  1. Of course it is purple! You have it in a nice spot! Nothing will droop there! LOL! My parents FREAKED when they found out I had one. I never hid it from them. I just never told them I did it. LOL. My mom didnt speak to me for a month! It was crazy.

  2. Oh, hey, I'll buzz your ink story tomorrow or Monday!

  3. I love it! I'm going to post my tattoo soon, but mine is really old and fading. It's on the same side too.

  4. That's really cute! I'm 23 and my parents still don't know that I have two tattoos!

  5. Sweet! You know I love tattoos LOL!

  6. That is a great spot! I have one on my lower back and one on my right ankle (that one really hurt!).

  7. That's too funny. My in laws are conservative and often forget I have a tattoo until I bring it up to prove a point now and then.

  8. That is a great story!

  9. thats a cool tat! i really want one, but like i told you last night, i hate needles. lol.
    you've been tagged.

  10. Jess - that tat is sweet!! Looooove it!


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