Nothing But Purple: T13 is the 300th Post!!   

Thursday, October 23, 2008

T13 is the 300th Post!!


Thirteen Things about my 300 posts w/ links.

1. Anniversary Wedding

2. Reading the Twilight Series

3. Asha, Sweet P's Tutu Boutique is brand new, check her out here.

4. The Cicada's where BAD this year.

5. Here's the day we went to the circus

6. This is the day I had to do a little reprioritizing of my life.

7. This was a quiet day LONG TIME AGO.. LOL or at least last year anyway.


8. This is our first camping trip has a family and pictures of my youngest.

9. This was him fishing. LOL


10. He practically kicked me in my jaw this day.

11. Ever have a child turn hiself a different color.

12. Here are some pics of him while out camping.

13. I know they are not all of MY blog but they are ones that I wrote and enjoyed writing/posting them.

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  1. great post! Happy 300th! I'll have to check out the links when Heather goes down for her nap.

  2. YEAH it worked that time. See post below this one.

  3. So are these your favorite posts then?

  4. yes they are my favorite posts.


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