Nothing But Purple: JURY DUTY!!   

Monday, October 27, 2008


I've posted about it before but I have some new readers now.

Back in June I got selected for the District Court Jury at first I thought it was cool but now not so much because it just doesn't fit into my schedule. I get paid more doing my part time job as a paper pusher in an insurance tax office. Tweleve dollars and fifty cents A DAY, WTH. They take us out of our normal paying job 6.50 an hour or more and gives us that piddly 12.50 for one whole stinkin day.

The best part about it though, is getting paid just for saying here when they do roll call because they only need 6-12 jurors to stay and witness the trial. So I'll be leaving here in a bit after I put James to sleep/bed for his nap and then wake the hubs up.



  1. Your employer doesn't have to
    pay you. Are you really a
    state slave?

    Consider that jurors are volunteers
    not conscripts.

  2. I DIDN'T VOLUNTEER to be on the jury panel, it's a state selection over here! Court/state sent me a paper to fill out with consequences on it that well persuaded me to fill it out.


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