Nothing But Purple: Birthday Bash is continued...   

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Birthday Bash is continued...

Along with some Halloween stuff and Breast Cancer Awarness. May take me a few days to get up one contest b.c of my email that I had them in but I can go ahead with the features that I was never able to get to.

So without further ado, I present: Leah of Diaries of a Domestic Goddess

What got you interested in blogging?

-Originally I started a blog about my family…mainly funny stories about my kids. My family is spread out all over and it was a way to keep everyone up to date on things with the kids. Somehow I started reading other blogs and decided that I wanted to start another one for myself with anything and everyone on it…reviews, recipes, basically anything I felt like writing about. I got hooked up with MomDot and met everyone else and the rest is history!
How long have u been blogging?

- I have been blogging since about June.

What are some of your favorite posts?

How old is to old for cuss words and one solution to that could be right here in "What at I going to do with him?".

Here she has some Celebrity Gossip but more about the kiddies than the actual celebs.

Now here's her informative post about the U-Scans at the gorcery and department stores.

What about your favorite bloggers?

-I have so many bloggers that I love to read their sites! Yours, Momdot, Musings of a Barefoot Foodie, Sex Diaries of a Mom, What’s that smell?, Grin n Bear it…oh gosh so many more. I couldn’t even begin to list them all. Though I do Sunday Shout Outs and try to pick different blogs each week that I like so definitely check that out!

What’s behind the name of Domestic Goddess?

- You know how they have “other” and a line to write in what your job is? As a joke, I started filling out applications for things with the occupation of “Domestic Goddess”. Added “diaries to the title and bada bing bada boom, we have “Diaries of a Domestic Goddess”.


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