Nothing But Purple: Camera Critters #29   

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Camera Critters #29

Camera Critters is all about animals and photography. I haven't been religious about doing this meme but I saw it on a blog while I was EC Dropping and figured I should go ahead and do this week.

I'd like to introduce Oscar our oscar fish. LOL Connor named him that. Him and the other aggressive fish that we have were mean to the goldfish and tiger looking fish that we had in there last summer. So as of now there are only two fish and a fish that we call the sucker fish. I'll introduce him next week.



  1. I'm ready for my close up pretty sandy

  2. We had some fish in a giant tank but they kept dying...

  3. Our fish have all gotten eaten by our turtle. Oops! I have an award for you on my blog!

  4. We had some fish in our tank with our turtle....but the turtle thought they were snacks not pets and ate them.

  5. I'm not sure about all these fish eating turtles, but he's a pretty colour.


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