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Monday, October 27, 2008

Cookie Time!

He helped me make Halloween Sugar Cookies w/ Butter Frosting. We started it Saturday afternoon about lunch time. Helped cut out the dough, which he has done before while at Gam Gam's house for Christmas. Next year will be fun with both boys helping make the cookies, but this recipe or they way I made it didn't taste real sugary. So the next I make these I'll be sure to add more sugar to it.
Then today we finished frosting them and putting sprinkles on them. He still has some trouble getting ENOUGH frosting on the knife to cover the cookie but in do time he'll get it.
This is him being goofy as always. I asked him to put his head down on the counter so I could actually get his face in the picture well he did that instead. Which was awesome! He always makes my day especially the older he gets.
The cookies are done but yet he wont eat them for some reason. He'll lick the frosting and that's it. If there's any of them left by Friday I'll be taking them into his school for his Halloween party.


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  1. Those are really cute! I'll have to make those for christmas! lol


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