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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rotation of Movies!!

WOW I started a bad habit with Boog. He rotates between three different movies maybe more each day. Man I knew I shouldn't have done that when he was little, making the tv occupy him b.c nothing I did would soothe him after diaper changes, nursing sessions, and playtime. And getting him to GO TO sleep for naps where hell.

So here are a few of his favorites:

Happy Feet is really on of his favorites because of the music and dancing. Boog is my dancin fool. He's all about the music.

BY: Momma of Boog


  1. I've seen Happy Feet DOZENS of times... my older on is now tired of it but the younger one just discovered it... I just LOVE it!

  2. I remember those days. We would alternate between toy story and bugs life. Now Im doing good to get them out of their rooms. (friggin teens)


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