Nothing But Purple: Baby Bandz Contest @ Momdot. :)   

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Baby Bandz Contest @ Momdot. :)

Now these are really neat and would love to have the two sets that are being giving away!! OMG these little hats and sunglasses are adorable.

Looking at this close up picture you can see how they will stay on the babies/toddlers head. So many different colors and sealed in a PVC bag to store on the go.

Listed colors are green, blue, and orange hibiscus, Little Hunter, Key Lime Green, Pacific Blue, Rockin Red, Sunset Orange, Pink Flamingo, Paradise Purple(which I would love to get if I had a little girl), and Pink Floral. The hats are adorable.

So head on over to MomDot and see what I'm talking about. Keeping my little ones protected is important to me in our 90+ degree weather with it being so muggy and humid it feels almost like 110 degrees out there.

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