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Monday, July 7, 2008


UGH!! My dad inparticular. I swear. I just wanted to fist fight him the other day b.c he got me so pissed off.

Connor didn't have a nap yesterday(sunday(7.6.08)) and well he gets irritated just like anyone else when they are tired. Well when he gets that way and doesn't want something or doesn't want to eat something or whatever he says "no". Well when he gets to much with the no and whining about whatever it is I usually put him in his bed. Well I wasn't able to last night b.c we were over at MY parents house eating dinner.

Setting the scene:
So we all sit down, it was going well a nice sit down dinner eating roast beef with the family, until Connor shoves a handful of roast beef in his mouth and asks to get to down. Well daddy tells him not until he's done chewing, Connor says no, daddy tells him again. Well then Connor says no again and says I want down. Then Gampy jumped in and well if you knew him you'd understand. He has this overpowering personality about him and he gets scary when he gets ticked off or doing the discipline thing. Look I don't mind it when I'm not there b.c I turned out fine but when I am, let daddy or I handle it for pete's sake. So then Gampy goes on to say that I've been letting him tell me no for the past two years know there's no way to reserve it now!! WTH HOW WOULD U FUCKING KNOW. HE IS TIRED that's the only time he tells me no and that's when he goes to his bedroom. so STFU will you. Well after dinner was done, and dishes were getting put away, Amma and Daddy took the boys outside, and then Gampy again proceeds to overpower what I've been trying to tell him. He threw out that worse case scenerio, what if he's out in the street and tells u no.

OKAY Number 1) I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN IN THE STREET WITH HIM. Connor also knows that when a car is coming U GET THE HELL OUTTA THE WAY. I've even taught him to look both ways before entering the street. COME ON DUDE!! LISTEN TO ME for once.. but NO GAMPY JUST WONT. IT has ALWAYS been his way or the highway. give me a fucking break. U ARE THE GRANDPARENT.... u are suppose to spoil the hell outta of these boys and yet here u are disciplining them IN FRONT OF ME. THAT'S MY JOB DAMNIT!!

thanks for reading my vent, and sorry so much of it was in caps but I'm still TICKED off about it. and like I said he never listens. SO it's hard to have an adult conversation with my dad. I just don't know how much more I can take of this from him, b.c EVERYTIME we are over there he blows up about something and then it grates on me for days and makes me cry.

Makes me feel like he doesn't love me and my family like he loves my brother b.c my brother's life is going A LOT better than mine. THREE of my dreams got smashed to the ground when I was younger so what I had left was to become a mom and have a family. WHAT IS SO HARD ABOUT THAT. Plus I also don't think it helped that the dog had a stroke earlier in the wk and well he is doing better, but the decision is still there, yanno.

Again thanks for reading if u did.



  1. omg, girl - I'm feeling for ya. It sounds like Gramps can really drive ya bonkers. Not just you, I mean. That would drive anybody nuts.

    Have you tried telling him (calmly) that you'd appreciate it if he could respect your job as a mother and leave the disciplining to you? And if he doesn't agree, well, that's okay. Connor's your kid, not his.

    But then again, I don't know Gramps very well and who knows how he'd take it? All I know is - that's a LOT of sh*t for you to deal with, and in my personal life, if it's not a benefit or a good influence, I take it out.

    That means if it brings too much negativity to an already stressful life, I don't need it. Any chance you can cut back on visits?

    (sigh) I know. It's not always that easy. But we're here for you girl


    P.S. I have a tag for you at the Crib whenever you're up for it. :)

  2. ooh girl - that sucks. :( But at least you know that you don't need any kind of approval from him.

    You ARE a good Mommy, and you don't need to let him make you feel like you're not.

    It's just too bad he can't see that he's driving you away, you and the grandkids.

    You do what you need to do, and just remind yourself that you're a good Mom and doing the right thing.

    We're here for you!

    P.S. On the birthday blogger list, I just added mine in between. I believe I just copied/pasted, then edited it to add mine in there.


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