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Monday, July 21, 2008

Crazy things happen!!

Yes, LOL James' first time with a lite brite and can already put the pegs in the board at 20/21months old. CRAZY UH?! Time flies especially when you're not looking. I taped this while sitting for a friend while she was out having her womanly appointment. Needless to say everytime we go over there they have a blast, she does have two girls that are about their ages plus a third that just turned 1 back in April. I just love how his mind has grown so much w.o being in daycare like his brother was for 15months. So really no matter where you put them they'll learn this stuff at their own pace period.


  1. I wanted a lite bright so bad when I was a kid, so I bought my kids one when I was an obvious adult and was very dissapointed.

  2. That's impressive. Lite Brite is so fun - but it scares me as a choking hazard... I should probably bring it back out - it's so good for motor skills.


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