Nothing But Purple: Friday's Foto Finish Fiesta: Swing Set Fun   

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Friday's Foto Finish Fiesta: Swing Set Fun




He was so excited to get this swing set, it was supposed to've been bought around his birthday well mommy and daddy didn't have the money. Well the night before last, Amma and Gampy brought this one over. Yesterday Daddy spent most of the morning putting it together. Now head on over to James' and my own blog from some more FOTO Finish PHUN. Along with jumping over to Candid Carrie to check out some more.

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  1. I bet he wanted to tear through the box when he saw it, huh?!

    Connor is a CUTIE PIE - even his name - it just screams "a handsome young man." :)

    Psst! I'm working on launching a new meme and would love to invite you for the grand opening - it's called "Scrapbook Saturday" and if you're interested, let me know so I can drop your name on the blogroll. Kick off is this Saturday - you can also go here for more info.

    Would love it if you wouldn't mind helping me spread the word? Wouldn't it be cool to show off our scrap pages together at the launch?!

    Hope to see you there - Mwah!


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