Nothing But Purple: OH.MAN.NO.EFFIN.WAY!!!   

Saturday, July 19, 2008


HOLLA!! DAMN SITS, u've got me. I want that Sony Cyber Shot so bad I'm wetting in my pants.. LOL. I would give my left arm, right leg and possibly a tit for that camera. You are probably wondering WTH is she talking about giving her TIT up for!?
Well I've had this JVC POS camera for three years and I'm in dire need of a NEW PRETTY CAMERA which would totally make my year worth more than what it already is. AND IT'S RED a color I can deal with b.c like my profile says... purple... but I'm also a tomboy which is RED. YAY ME!!
See what I mean and guess who is giving it away.
uumm.. nope
nuh uh
are u sure u want to go with that answer?
*tilts head*
YES ding.ding.ding
Yes they are giving away that purdy little thing and she would make a GREAT addition to the family, she would adore and love my boys like there's no tomorrow. If you go comment let them know you were sent by MOI, Nothing But Purple - Jessica. Man I feel like a teenager getting a new phone, really I would love this camera she will sleep in my bed cuddled up with me for the first 6months then graduate to my night stand where she will remain FOREVA!! MUAH PURDY RUBY GIRL. Love ya. :)

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  1. LOL - I hope you win this! Too bad they don't have three cameras to give away, like they did with the Target GCs last week!

    Good luck!

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  3. Awesome blog. I love the part where you said you would give up a tit...did you run that by your husband??? ;)

  4. Give up a tit? Really? Wow, this is one impressive post. You crack me up Jessica. Seriously.

  5. Those boys are so adorable !!wow sandy


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