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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Chiropractor Does A Body Good!!

HOLY MOLY!! I need to go see mine. My neck, right shoulder and back have really been killing me lately.

If you have back problems, even while pregnant it is a wonderful thing to do.

My first pregnancy was hell on my body, Bubby put a lot of pressure on my siatic nerve. I wasn't able to walk after doing something for so long. I wasn't able to lay on my right side because that was just more pressure on it during night.

So I decided to go to a chiropractor, they did wonderful I wasn't have any pain and my labor and delievery went very smooth. Yes, is was vaginal.

Then we I found out I was pregnant again after 8months post-partum and my siatic nerve was acting up again, I was like NO WAY Am I going through this again. SO I went and by the time I had Boog, the labor and delievery was about an hr faster than the first.

So I am suggesting to those that are pregnant, looking to get pregnant or just have flat out back problems go see a chiropractor!! PRONTO. Those that are wanting to get pregnant start going now that way your body stays in somewhat prefect shape, then during the pregnancy and then after. You'll feel much better.

I know once I go for my neck I will feel much better, plus I also think this is from my accident back in January. Nasty story.

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  1. I have never been to a Chiropractor but I used to work in Physical Therapy and I just love a good neck or back crack.

  2. My husband loves the Chiro. Me...I'm too much of a chicken to go.

  3. LOVE the chrio. We all go went during both of my pregnancies and my children have been going since they were a week old. It helped with my oldest sons Asthma and youngests ADHD. neither one have EVER been on an antibiotic for ear infections.


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