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Sunday, July 20, 2008

MomDot Contests: Buttons and Bowholders

Yes, MomDot is having TWO contest this week. One is for your very own button from Kim over at Accidental Mommies. It's a 125/125 button with something that represents you as the blogger you are. Here is what you need to do. Here's a look at what Kim has done lately. She has done my button as well and did a wonderful job. I may be contacting her again soon for another one when my blog overhaul is complete.

And the second contest giveaway is from Bambina Ballerina. Here are the contest rules. These are every little girls dream come true. They are HANDMADE and the top of the line grade. You can't get them any better anywhere else. This contest you will get one made to order along with naming it and it will then be a NEW product on her online store.

Here's a sample of what Bambina Ballerina produces. They are hairbow holders, she has mini's and large holders. It's a prefect way to organize a girls hairbows that might be strewn all over her room or shoved in a dresser drawer. If I had a girl I would definetely buy one of these, but seeing how as I only have boys it wouldn't be right. :) Now go on over and check 'em out.

Now hop on over to MomDot and enjoy. You may also enjoy some bloggy chit chat

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