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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

MomDot Introductions

MomDot Intros Go Ahead click on it and see what it's all about. Here's my little introduction.
1) who are you? Jessica, mom of two boys, married for 2 years to Chris

2) how many kids? 2 pictures? YES they are here and in there own blogs I've created.

3) what do you blog about? life, family, friends, giveaways or what I like about prodcuts. why do you blog? I like to blog b.c it's my one outlet that I don't get harsh opinions about from others.

4) Something terribly interesting about you everyone should know HHHmmmm... I'm 23 with two boys... WHO KNEW!!
Now go clicky and make your persence KNOWN!! MAUH!!


  1. Marvelous Mom...just Managing:)July 16, 2008 at 4:09 AM

    Found you through am so impressed...did you make your own button on the right side from their directions? I have to figure out how to get graphics for mine. How hard was it?
    Love your purplicious button,

  2. Girl - don't you just LOVE! :)


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