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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Have You Gone Green Yet??

I've started by buying those energy saving light bulbs, needless we haven't really used them much b.c of the way our house sits. The sun rises at our back door and sets at our front door so I have TWO big windows that bring in natural light so I don't have to turn much of anything on.

I found these neat, cute little shirts for your 6 month old all the way up to 24 year olds from Nubius Organics. They are giving away a pack of three onsies priced at 35 dollars, over at MomDot.

These cute little shirst are wonderful for going green because they are made organic cotton and packaged in an organic reuseable bag. The shirts have little veggies on them which I think are darling!! Very cute.

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  1. Every Tuesday I do a green tip on my blog! I am trying to be more green!


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