Nothing But Purple: Attack of the Curler Brush!!   

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Attack of the Curler Brush!!

Last Thursday I was doing up my hair before I went into work. Well somehow the tip of the brush got turned towards my neck and this is the end result of a burn from my beloved curler brush.

Hubby says it looks almost like a hickey!! OMG NO WAY! Crazy what things happen when you aren't paying attention. SO PLEASE LADIES be careful with your hair products and accessories. Otherwise you'll end up with a hickey like mine. :)


  1. Ouch ! Now I know why I don't use any of those evil beauty products.

  2. I see your curler brush incident and I raise you a pinched ear in a flat iron...

  3. Haha! I'm sorry to laugh, but that is one funny story! The burn actually kinda looks like a tattoo, or something...those lines are great! I hope it doesn't hurt too much. And people don't mistake you for a pre-teen with a hickey ;)

  4. Ouch! That would be a wierd hickey. It look kinda cool though.


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