Nothing But Purple: Aloha Friday 1.2 Edition   

Friday, January 2, 2009

Aloha Friday 1.2 Edition

Today is the FIRST Friday in the year 2009.
My question is what are a few things you will be doing this year?
A few things we will be doing this year are saving money to go up to Michigan for a family reunion with my side of the family.
We will also hit up the zoo James has never been since he has been born. The last time we went was when Connor was 11 months old and James was in utero.
We will also do something to the house. I'd like to get all new windows and doors to help us save energy and money.
Your turn!
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Happy New Year.



  1. I plan on remodeling one of my bathrooms and fixing some other things around my home.

    I don't know yet what else I will be doing.

    A family reunion is wonderful.

  2. Well aside from having a baby, I don't think we have any big plans. I'd just like to take it easy and enjoy the kids this year.

  3. I am looking forward to starting my baby gift business. I am alos looking forward to all the fun stuff I can do with my niece this summer.

  4. Stacy's Random ThoughtsJanuary 2, 2009 at 10:54 AM

    I'm planning on getting my guest room converted into a combo guest and craft room... ;) I have an awesome embroidery machine that's been sitting in its box untouched for about a year now...need a room to have everything organized and set up so I can enjoy creating! :)

  5. This yr we are going on a family vacation in March w/ a friend of ours! Hopefully it will be fun and the kids continue to get along! LOL! And we are hoping to *finally* get pg! It's been a long time...

  6. I would like to take the family to Disneyland and of course, BlogHer 09!

  7. This year I plan on paying off our credit cards and medical bills. Then my hubs plans on looking for a new job to be able to be home more. Then we are going to start planning our party/wedding for our vow renewal! We are also going to be working with OTs to get things straightened our with my kids and hopefully get my oldest off her ADHD meds! This will be a busy year!

  8. We're going on a cruise in March and I'm going to BlogHer in July. We're planning a family holiday in the summer with all the kids and grand kids.

  9. Saving money for traveling and pay off debt


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