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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Today of ALL Days

I didn't get up til about nine this morning which made me late dropping Connor off at school. Needless to say it was freaking FREEZING outside. Luckily for us they called school off because of the below zero temps. Then I go to the bank get some money to pay for a prescription for James and I. We either have eczema or ring worm. Connor had it first but it went away on it's own well when it popped up on James and I, I got a bit curious.

Then I head off to Taco Bell for some chicken, cheese, lettuce SOFT tacos. I ordered TWO and man good thing I had a five dollar bill. LOL Good thing I didn't order three. So off to work I go.

I get to work and it goes well. Nothing too exciting, a normal day.

I come home about 5:30 and find a box in the middle of the floor opened. OK I don't mind because it's nothing I ordered but it's a BIG box. I look at it, it's from a sponsor for the Blog Popz, Kids Coats they sent me a complimentary gift. No biggie right. It's a blanket with cowboy's, cowboy boots and a bull's head on it. It's also BLUE! This blanket is HUGE, good thing I have boys. They were pretty quick at sending. I had sent my info to Alan the Press Relations guy, on Monday the date on the letter is 1.13.09 and I received it today. FAST SHIPPING that's definetely a star for them. Tomorrow I will post a video of the blanket.

Then I get back into the car and head to Wal-mart for an oil change the poor was in need of it. It was at 4 precent not good. While I was there for the thirty minutes it took them to do the job I bought Mother inlaw an apperciation gift because she does a lot for the boys picks them after she gets off work at two and keeps them til about 6:30. I bought her a new mouse for her computer, her other one was not working well and her computer is about has old as this one maybe a year younger. She was apperciative of that. Only cost me ten dollars anyway.

Then I head over to her place to wait for Chris to come back from Lowes. Apparently their pipes had frozen last night.

We come home about eight or so I catch the end of Smallville and Chris takes the boys back into our bedroom to play with their Vtech VSmile console and game. They start to not listen nor sit down long enough and he shuts it off. WALL-E is just now ending and all three are asleep on the couch. Good thing Chris is only working four days a week. That's another thing... I'm irritated about... UGH another post coming. LOL

I'm now eating cheerios in a quiet house! YEAH BABY!!! I also uploaded a few things from camera. I hope everyone is staying warm and safe.


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