Nothing But Purple: Monday Round Up 1.19   

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Monday Round Up 1.19

Diana of Custom Blog Designs has a new thing going on to win a few things such as a custom blog button, signature, graphic, digital scrapbook page, avatar, or something similar. All she requires is for you to follow, comment, Entrecard Drop and/or advertise or whatever else you do to get noticed. I'm doing this for my recipe blog! I've got a new look I would just like a new header for it. So I'm hoping I can get noticed and get one. hehehehe.

Veggie Wash Review, I've seen on tv a few times.

Mommy Always Wins Interview and her brother falling off the roof is hilarious!!

A new site called PDP, PlayDate Picks, just opened up. It's all about reviews and bloggers. Susan of Life in a House Of Blue has reviewed Kolobags over there, you can also enter to win one here.

Blessings Abound has a review of the Keurig Plantium Brewer.

Annoying stuff over at Barely Keeping It All Together.

Diaries of A Domestic Goddess indulges us in her American Idol fetish.

Look What Mom Found, yummy treats for everyone at Bakerella.

Zoo Keeper's Rhino's take on recycling

MomDot Misikko's contest for a flat iron!! HOLLA I'd love to have this because I recently had my hair done with a flat iron while shopping in the mall. Let me just say I'm in the market for one now. hehehe My hair gets really staticy in the winter and I just know this will help out a whole lot.

If there is a post you'd like read/commented on please leave it's link in Mr. Linky. Or if there's is something You'd like to have put next monday leave it in Mr. Linky.



  1. Diana - FreeStyleMamaJanuary 19, 2009 at 4:40 AM

    WOW...look at you...still pimping on me! I sure appreciate it and have awarded you Visitor of the Week. Please check your email for details. Thanks so much and congrats!

  2. Good luck! I hope you win one of those contests!

  3. Happy America!

    I invite your blog readers to smile at this photo of Barack Obama tearing up some fried fish in much the same way we hope he will tear up our current recession.

    peace, Villager

  4. Thanks Jess!!

  5. LOVE the purple--my fav!


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