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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Movie Review: WALL-E

My mother in law recently bought us WALL-E. We have watched it once so far and it's pretty darn cute considering the things. It starts off showing you Earth covered in trash and WALL-E taking that trash and just building with it in these little squares. Then Eive comes into the picture, she searches this one area where WALL-E works to find some sort of plant life. Well once she puts the plant inside her storage compartment she doesn't shut off but she no longer moves and waits for pick-up.

First a few images of the movie. First we meet WALL-E, the cute little robot who takes cubes of trash and has built buildings or at least something that resembles buildings to clean up the Earth from all the trash it had on it. Let me just say I hope we never get that bad because well we aren't that far in space travel and all that to LIVE out in space. I know it'll take probably thousands upon thousands of years but still there's that technology thing that needs to be advanced.

So then we meet MISS newly polished EVE. These robots were made to come to Earth and just analyze anything in their path for plant life, once they find it they go back to the ship that they were shipped from. Now theses ships are really amazing... yet somewhat brainwashing the humans so they don't find out the truth about why they never returned to Earth, the past SEVEN HUNDRED YEARS. HOLY MOLY! LOL So here's EVE.

Now at first she doesn't realize WALL-E and when she does she shoots at him. Those parts were a hoot. Poor WALL-E trying to figure out what she is, where she's from and why she's here. I'll give WALL-E a thumbs up from being so darn cute and funny.

Well once they figure out each other are okay and not going to hurt each other, WALL-E show EVE his AWESOME stash of such said items, movies, ipod, memory cards, shoes, a lightbulb, and all other sorts of items. One item he threw out and kept it's box.. A DIAMOND! LOL After WALL-E shows EVE the plant it's like she goes into hibernation until her ship picks her back up. Well WALL-E didn't like that and hitched a ride.

And from there they team to save Earth and let the humans come back home. It's very cute, funny and adventurous. I laughed through the whole movie. There was one sad spot in hopes WALL-E would remember EVE
So I leave you with this.



  1. My kids love, love that movie and I like it too. So cute.

  2. That was a cute movie!


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