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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bloggers Give

Is a new site that has just recently opened. Bloggers Give is all about helping charities. Their mission is for us bloggers to approach companies for reviews and/or contests and ask for on extra item to be shipped to Bloggers Give who will then in return give those items to the charity of the month they are working with.

It's a win/win situation you receive a product for review and/or contest while also giving back to others in the community. Trisha at MomDot, Kim of Accidental Mommies, Jane of Mom Generations are the women that have put this together. They are also looking for another blogger to help them out. I would but I don't want to stress myself out to much.

On with more of Bloggers Give. If you're a blogger and you send emails to companies asking for sponsorship of an event or just a contest, after making that first initial contact ask them if they could send an extra item to Bloggers Give c/o Trisha for that months charity. Then Bloggers Give will put you in their press tab and give you face time for traffic.

Those that sponsor Bloggers Give will in return get face time as well with being listed at the site, along with a review.

They have also compiled a list of what this month's charity needs, which is The Center for Courageous Kids.



  1. Excellent post on Bloggers Give.

  2. Thanks I have never heard of this.


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