Nothing But Purple: Scrapbook Saturday 1.10   

Friday, January 9, 2009

Scrapbook Saturday 1.10

Sorry I wont be doing it this weekend but you can head on over to Mamma Dawg's place for more information.

Tomorrow my computer will be getting a reformat so I'm hoping all will be better and I will be deleting my facebook account for the time being. Nothing against anyone I just need to figure somethings out. Just keep a look out in the future!!!

Momma Cooks Cooking is back to normal and is accepting comments. I am in the market for a blog designer though that can do something that has the look of here, here, and here, but with a purple color theme to it like here. So if there is anyone out there that can do that look from wordpress onto blogger that would be wonderful!!!

I think that's about it until after the computer is back to normal.

Again I'm sorry for the limited time I've spent everywhere.


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  1. I'm glad your computer will be back to normal soon.

    I have something for you at my place.


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