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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Review of Snapware

I recently had the pleasure of buying some NICE storage containers from Gordman's. My brother had given me a nice gift card to that place and this past Sunday I had my chance to buy anything I wanted. This place had everything from clothing, womens, men, and childrens to bed and bath, and the sale they were having OH.MY.GOSH. I was in heaven.

Anyway the point of this is that Snapware is what these containers are called. I bought them from Gordman's. I'm sure Walmart may carry them as well. So far they are the best kind of storage containers that I've had in a LONG TIME. These actually fit in my cabinets. If you have tupperware you'll now the similar design to what I'm about to show for cereal or anything that you can pour out.

Snapware has all kinds of different storage containers. They range from food to household to craft to pet food and seasonal storage containers(which will come in handy come Christmas time).

The set that I have are called MODS, Modular Organized Durable Storage, from the site "food storage containers are 100% airtight and 100% watertight. The containers are designed with four easy to open and close latches that work together with the silicone seal to keep foods fresh and also to prevent liquids from leaking. The latches carry a lifetime guarantee." So far they have prooven just that.

Here is what they look like in my cabinet:
All neat and stackable too. :) It's so much better than what that looked like before. I will be sure to get more for the cereal.
So uhmm.. yeah what would you have your cabinets look like!? I know they aren't tupperware but I think tupperware would be too big for the way my cabinets are designed.

Now I'll show the containers that are holding the cereal. The remind me so much of the one's my mom has for her cereal since I was little!! The flip tops!!

HOW COOL IS THAT! Another company makes the flip top containers for cereal and actually fit in my cabinets!!! I will be making more purchases for those SOON!

So tell me what you use and what you do or do not like about what you use.


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  1. Oh wow! Those are very cool. Thanks for posting. :D I'm gonna check 'em out.


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