Nothing But Purple: Homebound w/o Internet   

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Homebound w/o Internet

Was like that for two days!! I'm at work and unable to publish any comments. Those that are left for the Eyes Cream Shades contest WILL NOT get published until the End Date of the contest. So if you think you may have goofed on the answer you can come back and guess again.

I hope I can publish this post!! Thanks for stopping by and for today's Truth or Dare.

Truth: How old were you when you started having sex?

Dare: Do the Chicken Dance!!

Happy Thursday



  1. Two days of internet is bad, bad, bad.

    Truth or dare: I'm a dancin' fool.

  2. I'll do better than that...I'll do the chicken dance out side in front of neighbors! lol (Dancing away!)

  3. I couldn't imagine being without the internet! I'd go crazy.

    Truth: I was 16... and 16 when I got pregnant. *hides*


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