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Sunday, June 22, 2008

5 years ago....

I graduated high school. Fun times, but teenage years. This Saturday is the reunion, yyiiiipppppppeeeeeeee. NOT, it might be fun.

Hair is cut and cute, face will be clean and pretty, body not so much, hopefully I can wear something that hides what I have and flatters what I do have that I like. LOL I know kinda lame, but what else is there. Mr. C, DH, will be going with me.. and if he doesn't I have a girlfriend that would love to go with me. So either way the other 12.50 that I spent on his ticket wont get wasted.
Here's to hoping, to a great night along with fresh starts with my classmates, but really I think I had more problems out of the grads before us, so I really shouldn't worry about MY classmates. I just hope to see some that I haven't seen since we graduated, yanno.

All in due time though.. I am sort of excited about this. giddy as a little school girl again. OH BOY!! what fun this will be.

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