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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Well I have two buttons that were by

Accidental Mommies... u can find her button in my sidebar.

But I'm torn between the two... she did so wonderful that she did exactly what I had in mind. LOL just perfect for my blog.

so here they are... there will be a poll up soon for this as well.

#1 Defying

#2 Purple The New Pink

There might be more coming soon... so there might be more options just check back often, please.


  1. just stopping by via SITS, I love purple too. I think that #2 is really cool looking.

  2. I do like purple but have never really considered it my colour - however my mother, sister and friends may have different ideas, esp. as am off to a black-tie event in a very long purple gown next month!!!!

    I tried to vote for number two but the link looked funny so not sure but just so you know - I'm going with the second.

  3. Hmmm... well, not to be difficult or anything (though I am!), but I like the design of #1 but would swap out the motto to put the "purple is the new pink" instead of "defying the pink myth".


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