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Friday, June 6, 2008

Not a good nite...

not sure why but man he did not sleep well at all... the only way he did sleep was in bed with me. I'm wondering now if maybe it was b.c he was just too hot.. which I'm not sure why b.c the AC is on. I figured he had gotten cold so I put a different set of PJ's on him.. nope that wasn't it. so he just slept in the bed with me which was fine until after I got DS1 into his own bed. I also think it was b.c he didn't have HIS blankie. There's a special blue furry blanket that he just absolutely loves, I only get to wash it once a month when he's not looking. It's funny how so attached they get to something so early. Once I found that blanket he finally settled down and fell back to sleep. Thank god, b.c it was going on 4am.. now way. needless to say we didn't get out of bed till a little after nine. Which was completely fine by me. :) sleeping in is wonders.

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