Nothing But Purple: In 2 hrs I will offically have a three year old on my hands   

Monday, June 16, 2008

In 2 hrs I will offically have a three year old on my hands

OMG!!! CRAZY CRAZY!! Connor had a good time at his party Saturday. He got some mad loot as he does every year. YAY!! Two Scooters, yes I said two. :) LOL both sets of grandparents got him one, the second one he opened he said "James, could have the that one." I'm so glad he can share and he knows that a lot of things can be his brother's just the same as it is his.

He is just a growing machine. Almost HALF my height!! LOL It's crazy, I tell ya. Where'd the time go. REALLY!! Where'd it go. I miss my Connor Baby. Pretty soon he'll be in school learning, laughing, playing, and making friends. Can't wait for the parties that will be filled with friends.


  1. Jessica,
    just checking in to see if you had decided on a design? I also thought you might want to check out my new portfolio blog
    Feel free to add my new widget to your sidebar!

  2. hey thanks for stoppin by my site and commenting, you rock!!! ill be back fo sho

  3. Happy B-day to your 3 year old! What a fun age!

  4. From here, the years seem to speed by. Takes lots of pictures! I see you are a scrapper, also. Cool!


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