Nothing But Purple: ANTS!! I HATE ANTS!!!   

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Every freaking summer we've lived here they just come crawling inside!!! We still aren't sure where they are coming from.. I'm about to call the Orkin guy to come out and deal with them. I do have a can of raid that I spray when I see a bunch of them, but damn it doesn't get rid of ALL of them. EVERYTIME I see them it's disgusting.. Hubby did buy something that has borax in it but I don't think he's set it out yet. THIS WKEND HE BETTER!! I'm tired of cleaning up piles of ants that I killed with raid. YUCK.

Now don't get me wrong but bugs/insects are for OUTSIDE. U come in u either go back out or get sqaushed/killed. no mercy here. STOP COMING INTO MY HOUSE!!! Doesn't look good when u have company over either.


  1. I hear you on the ants... ahhhhhh!

    Thank you so much for showing Insane Mama lots of comment love. That is what being a SITS girl is all about!

  2. Tiaras & TantrumsJune 7, 2008 at 6:35 PM

    under the doors dear - they snake right in!


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