Nothing But Purple: Looks like my boy will be waiting another year...   

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Looks like my boy will be waiting another year...

This is an email I recieved I today from the director:

"Ms. Cook,

Sorry about just getting back to you—we have been busy looking at current numbers and projections for the coming school year. We are required to serve children with disabilities and those children who will be 4 by Oct 1 who are free and reduced lunch eligible. At this time based on our numbers and available spots, we have decided to extend the tuition option to those children who will be 4 by Oct 1 (those students who have only this school year before starting kindergarten the following year). Since Connor is not going to be 4 by Oct 1, his name will remain on the tuition waiting list for three year olds. Once the four year olds are offered a tuition spot and those are confirmed, we will again examine our numbers to look at the feasibility of extending tuition to three year olds. He will still remain on the tuition waiting list in the meantime. In light of significant budget cuts that we have had from the state, we felt that the fairest decision was to allow all interested 4 year olds the opportunity to attend preschool via tuition before attending kindergarten. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be checking my email almost daily, but will not be in the office full time until July 1st. matt

So it looks like I may be putting them in daycare part time just so they can get some other interaction besides mommy and daddy. This really bummed me out today, and I was having a good day. But I guess I can always just hope for the best or go check out Head Start.

Three years old and staying at home just doesn't work for him most of the time.

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