Nothing But Purple: Potty SUCCESS!!   

Saturday, June 7, 2008


We were all outside and DH needed to come in and take shower. Okay him and Connor come in get the shower started... James saw them come in and said that he was done. So I put away the rest of the toys, and James and I come in. DH tells me that Connor wants to show me something, OK. So I walk to the bathroom and look in the little potty and lo and behold WE HAVE POOP in the potty. FINALLY!!! YAY!! after being so consistent at telling him u poop in potty u get candy and go hide in the bathroom we have a success. Early MIL told me he had gone in the toliet over there but she didn't really clearify so I just assumed normal he had just done it in the bathroom.

this is exciting. Hope it continues.

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