Nothing But Purple: Really THAI has become my favorite kind of food.   

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Really THAI has become my favorite kind of food.

I had part of a co-workers lunch rice, gralic sauce, broccoli and chicken. OMG YUMMY. Crazy how your taste grows with you, ya know. I swear when I was younger I would not have even touched it. NOW YUMMY Very DELISH. I WANT MORE. LOL And so I shall. I will go back there one day next wk and pick up my meal for lunch.


  1. omg - I LOVE Thai food!!

    :( And I MISS Thai food!

    lol - not much to find around here... but the next time I find one, I will be dropping in, for sure!

    Hope your day is going well :D

  2. I found you on SITS!! Itsn't it funny how our taste buds grow... My parents never ate avacados, so clearly I always assumed they were gross --- but OMG! I love them!!!

  3. It sounds really good! Now I'm hungry.

  4. I love Thai food and there is no Thai place around here. Last time I had Thai food I had something called Evil Jungle Princess. LOL. It was Chicken and straw mushrooms in a coconut curry sauce....YUM!!!!

  5. I honestly don't think I've ever had Thai food. I know of one restaurant here that is Thai, maybe I'll have to give it a try...oh cool, that rhymed, LOL Yeah...little things like that keep me going, sad huh? LOL


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