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Friday, June 6, 2008

Well.... after much dilebreation

Hubby decided to wait to get his next ink which is fine by me b.c then maybe we both can get one done at the sametime. So after two hours of looking around and nothing. We head to Walmart and go searching in the movies. Well we find four movies that we both will like and watch. Right now JACKASS 2.5. LOVELY.
One and Two were funny, this one is even better b.c it has the stuff they couldn't fit in the other ones. I suggest if you really want/need a good laugh go out and buy those. Knoxville, Steve-O, Wee-man, Bam(OMG I WOULD SERIOUSLY F*** HIM UP). The stuff he does to his mom's house irritates me to no end. How can you treat mother like that.
Then Spiderman 3!!! YEAH BABY!! finally we get to see the finish of the story with Harry and Peter. That's up next to watch. We also bought Over The Hedge for Bubby for his birthday.
Last but not least the fourth movie a new Transformers movie since we have lost the other one. DS1, probably did something with it, like always with something that is mommy or daddy's.
So for now ADIOS, until tomorrow.

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