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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

After Dinner

I finished making ramen noodles for dinner, for myself, and well two little munckins wanted MY food, yes ALWAYS my food. They ate it all, I may have only had 5 bites total out of the whole bowl.

Then Boog and Bubby started howling like dogs. It was the cutest thing. Those puckered up lips pointing straight up to the ceiling. So cute. I'll eventually get a picture of it. My ninteen month old is so funny and cute... but the devil in the house. He just gets these looks like "Umm, I'm gonna wait til she looks away". That's hilarious too, but I have to keep a straight face so he knows I'm not playing around.

I swear Boog will be the first one in trouble with the law. Nothing really phases him. It phases him when it's a stern no and nothing after it. He's always doing something to get himself in trouble, Bubby was never like that. Two very different boys. It's lovely SOMETIMES.

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  1. Don't you love how the first child totally doesn't prepare you for the second one! Mine are night and day too.

    Thanks for submitting your post!


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