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Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Finished Book

Finally, for me that's an accomplishment. LOL Cupid's Revenge By Ruth Jean Dale. Started reading when I was 14 years old, back then it was nice to read it.. slow and steady... well last night those last four to five chapters where HOT!! lol

Back Cover Summary

Cupid, Colorado. This is ranch country, cowboy country. Land is important, family and neighbors are, too. You get to really know your neighbors here. Like the Camerons for instance....

The Camerons first came to Cupid more than a hundred years ago, and Camerons have owned and worked the Straight Arrow Ranch, the largest spread in these parts, ever since.

Now Jason Cameron, an ex-rodeo star and all around ladies' man is back in Cupid. Jason's friends and fellow ranchers consider him too much competition on the romance front. They want him to fall for one woman and leave the rest for them.

And he does. He falls for Diana Kennedy and he falls hard. She's a newcomer who's just bought the local honky-tonk. There are plenty of sparks flying between them, but Diana's not sure she wants any of them to catch!

Like I said I started it when I was 14... now 23. It got my juices flowing last night along with a few tears, but in the end it was worth the years in between the reads. :) Glad I finished.. now I want to reread it so I can get the whole STORY back in my head. Took me 2.5hrs to read those last 4-5chapters I'm not that advanced at reading so it might take me awhile, b.c I have other books I want and need to finish reading.

So for now, Jason Cameron... you will be in dreams until the next romance novel I read.

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