Nothing But Purple: Tires + Age = HAZARDOUS   

Friday, June 27, 2008

Tires + Age = HAZARDOUS

CRAZY... and I'm about to chck mine. There's a number on them, that consists of 3-4 numbers. The first two represent the WEEK the tire was made and the last one or two is the year it was made. So if u see something like 1301, it means the 13th week of 2001 and that that tire is over 6 years old and needs to be replaced with a NEWER Tire pronto.

Be safe and check those tires.


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  1. Just checking out the saucy blogs! I did my daughter's nursery in lavender and light green, to buck the pink thing. Of course now that she can choose for herself she's gone pink crazy, wouldn't you know?


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