Nothing But Purple: 31 Family Devotions For Christmas Day ELEVEN Dec. 11th   

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

31 Family Devotions For Christmas Day ELEVEN Dec. 11th

14 Days Until Christmas
"But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, whos sees what is done in secret, will reward you."
Secrets are so much fun at Christmas! From packages hidden in closets and under beds, to stockings filled with special treats, there's always something unexpected to experience. Jesus' birth was an unexpected gift, too. Sure, the Jews were looking for the Messiah to come, but nobody expected the King of kings to come as a baby--or even more surprised, in a stable! The good news is that Jesus' birth wasn't kept a secret for long. That same night angels shouted the secret from the heavens, and sheperds shared the news with everyone they met. How can you share this surprise with someone who doesn't know the secret yet?
Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for making the birth of Your Son an exciting and unexpected gift. Help us to share unexpected gifts with others, too.
Family Activity:
Pick a family that is in need. As a family, pray about ways you can help and decide how much money you will spend to put together a gift package. Nonperishable groceries, school supplies, board games, and gift cards are great items to include. Plan an evening to deliver the package. Drive your entire family to the drop-off house and choose someone to make the delievery while you all watch from the car in a hidden parking spot. Place the package on the front porch in secret.
Stress-free Tip:
Each time you have to buy school supplies for your children this year, buy at least one extra item and start a collection of items to be included in your secret package for next year. Allow the kids to help pick items out. Try this with canned goods from the store, too. Make sure to check expiration dates before giving as a gift.
Chocolate Dips
These treats are fun and easy for children to make, plus they make a great gift!)
Melt 1/2 cup chocolate chips in microwave. Dip any of the following in melted chocolate and let cool on wax paper:
Graham crackers
Chocolate sandwich cookies(oreo's)
Candy Canes
Candy Canes can be sprinkled with colored sugars and used as cocoa/coffee stirrers. Wrap in cellophane and tie with ribbon.

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  1. I'm going to try the candy canes dipped in chocolate! That sounds yummy!

  2. You work hard on this blog girl! There's a lot going on here! It's cute!


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