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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Season's Greetings

This ecard was great!! match the dogs to see the greeting. Click here, it gave me a smile. Thank to my Mother InLaw! Here's another one
Other news, Hubs and I did some business this morning while the boys watched Cars... then I took a shower and found them all going back to sleep in my bed. LOL It was a nice hour to myself earlier.
WW is up and well if it's took dark sorry I have a POS JVC Camera. It's my boys sleeping in Connor's bed.
We got dump on with snow two nights ago, well it was really ice and snow mix... YUCKO. There was no school and the boss called off work yesterday. Today still no school but I'll be heading into work shortly.
There's one more contest that is ending on friday get your entries in, it's linked above.
I will be hosting the next two Scrapbook Saturdays, I know the holidays are among us but I would like for those that have been doing this to keep doing it. I love seeing the different styles everyone uses.
Also check out this site as well, another place to list your stuff if you like. Send an email to the one that is provided and your links will get posted. I know it's new but I'm hoping it'll get a bit bigger. Thanks.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Enjoy.PhotobucketShare/Save/Bookmark


  1. Yay for time to yourself! Even if it was only an hour!

  2. We had a storm here yesterday and school was canceled...I had a house full of kids all day. :o(


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