Nothing But Purple: Mall Shopping   

Friday, December 5, 2008

Mall Shopping

I had gone to the mall last night with a few MOPS, Mothers of Preschoolers, friends. As I was waiting for them to show up at the food court area I went walking around and I got stop by a woman who goes by the name of Sivan and works for a flat iron company called Amika.

I'm not sure where she's from but she had a very nice accent. So she just got me to sit down... I mean hey it was a free hairstyle. Who doesn't love free stuff right? Well I let her do her thing. Now my hair is has straight and as flat as a piece of paper also when it starts to get long it makes my face look dull and sick. The last time I had it cut was back in June before my high school reunion.

Sivan showed me a few tricks such as flipping, curling, and making it wavy. She did my hair in about 10-15 minutes flat.

Well I glance to see that they had a PURPLE flat iron. OMG, if I had two hundred dollars I would've bought it right then and there. I didn't so I couldn't, but she gave me a great idea. Promote Amika so that hopefully one day I'll get that deep purple flat iron.

Anyway, while I was sitting there watching her in the mirror she was telling me the pros and cons of the ceramic versus the metal ones and she showed me a metal one... I looked at it in disgust.

I like how easy it was for her to just go curl my hair. I've never been able to get curls like that not even with a perm.

I have a Conair 1875 Blow Dryer and a Conair Instant Heat curling iron. She was right on both items when talking to me. WOW. Sivan saw the damage that was done to my hair, and honestly I haven't used either product in over two months. I need to get it cut and soon.

When she started with the flat iron it smoothed out my hair immediately. Even with my hair being static from going to warm to cold to warm again it has stayed smooth and has not frizzed when she finished about six o'clock last night.(EST)

So I of course have found something else to put on my list of things to get, one of the many Amika Flat Iron Products.

Then I was off to eat with the gals and do some more shopping.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Enjoy.



  1. Oooh it looks pretty!

  2. It looks really nice. My hair won't hold a curl either. It's very thin and straight.

    Oh and of course you've got a purple sweater on. Hehe you are nothing but purple.


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