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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tell Me Something Good Tuesdays

Well I don't have much GOOD, except that I did get a new camera not the one that I wanted. She's a pretty teal color and takes WONDERFUL pictures. Thanks to my wonderful hubby.

You can see more TMSGT's over at Tina's blog.

A few tidbits:

My computer at home is terribly sick at the moment and facebook is what gave it this sickness called SmitFraud C!! I have been having one hell of a time trying to get rid of it, well I'm fed up and have asked my brother to guide me into reformatting the computer this Thursday. Fingers crossed I can do it and not mess anything up even worse. I am right now doing this from work!! AHH!!

The boys had a great Christmas. I have saved my picutres on photobucket and on my hubby's computer so once all is said and done I'll post some pictures of that. I hope everyone else had a wonderful Christmas.

One more day and then we start the New Year!! Do you have any plans to celebrate? What are your plans for the new year to come?

Happy New Year, Enjoy.


  1. Congrats on the new camera!! I hope all is well with the computer! We had to get a brand new one about 2 months ago.. some horrible virus!

  2. Hmm...Something GOOD? Yikes! LOL! JK! Hayden's bday party is on Sat! OMG! I guess that's good..although I am still in denial! As for New Years...I'm excited to start a new year...Hopeing I wll *finally* get pg in 2009....UGH! We are throwing a party at our house! It's our room mates bday too--So it's a combo bday/new years party! I'm on Facebook too! LOL...

  3. Enjoy your new camera!

    We are supposed to go visiting tomorrow night to ring in the new year...but we are expecting another snow storm so we have to see how bad the roads are.

  4. We are going to a kid-friendly party tonight and will most likely be in bed by 10. Big party animals over here at the JDM house. :) Happy New Year!


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