Nothing But Purple: Monday Round Up   

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Monday Round Up

Debatur Debates has a contest going on for two 25 dollar Amazon gift certificates.

Toni of A Daily Dose has a few cool contests going on one is for an interactive Disney story book called MyPoingo. She also has a Hana Elite Flat Iron up for grabs.

MomDot is giving away a Kristen's Creations Necklace. Inkubook 3 winners!!! Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere SEVEN

Will Smith has a new movie coming out on December 19th. I saw the previews last night while I was at my MIL's house.

Brella Baby Bundles for those keepsake moments from the start, Method Reusable Tin Ornaments need something with a different scent try these., Magical Apparel Makes Pretend.

Shoes, Organization, and Makeup all in one contest

Win a 500 dollar Home Depot Gift card from 5M4M

Simple snow effect widget for blogger, I have it one my blog but it's hard to tell b.c of the white but if you look closely you'll see them.

Shake the Salt Great Deals: 60GB Xbox 360 pro w/ 3 free games, $299.

Misy Fare Giveaway at the Mommy Designer

Suggestions for a family dog for a family that has had cats previously

Christmas Ideas from Tip Junkie

Happy 2nd Birthday

SassyFrazz virtual baby shower

Virtual Cookie Exchange at Cheaper than Therapy

Delgo Movie Review from the Jolly Mom. I've never heard of that movie.

Bath and Body work giveaway!!

Tattoo Momma; Interview with Kat Von D

Journey to the Hot Tubb, CONGRATS on your promotion!!!

Limited Edition's Holiday Scent Soaps from Urban Sudz Soap Factory. They sound so yummy!!!

Parent Reviewers has a Skin MD Naturals giveaway going on. I just recieved an email from this company about doing one myself.

Shake The Salt: WordWorld Barn Giveaway, Thomas and friends Race Track.

A new Mom Blog with her first giveaway party, she enjoyed entering mine so much that she thought she would do her own. So go enter these giveaways and give her some comment love. First is a pair of Glass and pearl drop earrings, second is from Sunset Soaps, the third is Alchemic Muse's Mommy Spa Trio.

Ladybug Soup has a Munchie Mug Review and Giveaway going on.

Minxy Mimi's Sunday Quoteables Harry Potter style.

The last Tree-tastic Giveaway from What Mommies Need.

World TTT Awareness!

Bloggy Giveaways KEEN Footwear

Cool Mom Picks

Paid Mommy Bloggers.... Do you believe them?

A new mommy blog directory.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Enjoy.


  1. aww thanks Jess for putting me on your blog!!! I love it.

  2. I'm off to enter some contests. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for putting up my giveaway! Glad I can get on here...been trying all day..I think my computer is punishing me for something


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