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Friday, December 5, 2008

I'll Be One Happy Momma

Hubs told me not to touch our savings so that he can get me my gift!!! YAY remember me telling you about this. Well it's only 160$'s!! I'll be helping with that purchase definitely. It'll be very nice to have it in HAND before they open gifts on Christmas morning. Fingers still crossed though.

He had asked me what I wanted and I told him if you can't get me that camera that I showed you and your mom then don't bother getting me anything at all because I have everything else I want.

I love that man! He does everything in his power to get everyone what they want. He has already bought his mom and my dad something. All that is left is my mom, brother, his step-dad, and brother. He had mentioned my brother's girlfriend.. Well I would if I really KNEW her. I don't know enough about her to figure out what she likes plus she's not quite part of the family yet.

What would you do in that situation?



  1. I'd do a "couple gift" so as not to disclude her

  2. Get her a bath smelly stuff set I guess or do the couple gift to both of them.

  3. yeah you could get your brother and her girlfriend a gift card to a restaraunt or something. just so she feels included as well.

  4. We don't exchange with my brother in law at all so I cannot help you there.

  5. How fantastic! Sounds like the hubby is a keeper ;)

  6. Gift cards are great. What women don't like some yummy smelling lotions and soaps and stuff as well.
    It is the thought that counts!

  7. Yay for hubs for getting you a fab present! There's nothing better than feeling appreciated by an awesome hubby!


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