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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Let's Talk PIZZA

Let's see we have about three locally owned pizza parlors, which I have yet to try, then there's Pizza Hut that we have had in this town since before I moved here about thirteen years ago.

Next there's Domino's. Not bad but I don't like the corn meal on the bottom of the crust.

Then we get Papa John's. YUMMY!! LOVE IT for the price you get tasty pizza.

We recently have added to the pizza parlors with Little Ceasars. Now the price isn't bad for a large one topping, 5.99 but man I'm not that bought on the taste. OH and the breadsticks.. OMG the first time hubs bought them they were so floppy like a.. well a.. you know and I just laughed.

Papa John's is still my favorite for taste but Little Ceasar's is a favorite because of their price.

What's your favorite pizza parlor?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Enjoy.



  1. i'm not a fan of pizza hut or dominoes. I really like Papa Gino's and papa johns. But i think my absolute favorite pizza! Yup those small thin crust pizza's you get at any old joe-shmo bar.

  2. For chains, I like Round Table! I like the Pepperoni Artisan pizza!

  3. well i loved eureka pizza but they've already closed. my favorite is little caesar's! you can always ask em to cook the stuff a few minutes longer. papa johns is way to expensive. Pizza Hut is a little steep with the price too, but it's very yummy!


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