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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I love this woman but she is sloppy at folding laundry and she doesn't know where my cooking utensils go. Yesterday my mother in law came over to pick up the boys, well they were asleep with daddy so she put away my dishes from the dish washer and folded some towels. Fine no biggie, thanks. I wasn't able to get to all of that done yesterday with being at work then driving back this way to get Chris for my company's Christmas dinner.

Well I start cleaning up my kitchen today to get it ready for Thursday when everyone came over. I found my missing spoons and wooden spoons in a draw! NO they go in the white caddy that sits up next to the microwave. Then the towels were just sitting on my counter folded but kind of sloppy folded. NO the corners need to match up and put in the draw next to the sink!!

Like I said I appreciate this woman for taking my boys after she gets off work but don't touch my stuff. Even though I don't clean everyday I'm very particular as to where my stuff goes and it's due to my mom cleaning like she does and my dad being in the military where they expect you to have your clothes folded a certain way.

All I have left to do in the kitchen is finish up the last of the dishes and sweep after I get the clothes finished that are laying on the floor... HUBS' work clothes. I hate it when he lays them there.

Other than all that we just have to vacuum, get the clothes put away and we are fully ready for Christmas day!

How 'bout you?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Enjoy.


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